“Le rêve de l’aborigène”, which I will henceforth refer to as “dream” (le rêve = dream, l’aborigène = aborigine), has been held every year for the last thirteen years in a small village called Airvault. This is a festival sans alcohol, apparently created with a simple goal: grouping together people with like-minds, without trying to […]

as the clouds zip by

Me voila, sitting in the only open cafe with wifi. It’s called “musee des beaux-arts” and there’s like two one drunken sailor types in here with me. They are both drinking wine. It’s 1100AM. This is my new life, full of wind and paint and drunken maritime. For those of you who have not understood, Paris […]

oops, i picked the wrong country

Because apparently here in France, everyone sits on windowsills and mopes while smoking and jobless, according to the second article in the NYT in one week that is basically like, get the fuck out of France or you will be depressed forever duhh. If you study (bullshit) statistics, which is always the right thing to do when making important […]

why you should move away

I first wrote this post on the back of some study guide as an ode to my homespace, good ole CT. The first sentence was something like “blah blah blah crunchy leaves halloween blah blah old friends and memories glitter and hippies blah”. A few sentences later I found that I was once again, sounding like a crotchety old […]

how to be punctilious in France

As I piece together the French Exception jigsaw puzzle, I would like to think that I am (slowly but surely) reaching a consensus on codes of conduct. 1. Never prepare food for yourself. I’m almost positive that this is how the French stay thin. There is no other explanation for it. Food is meant to […]